Precious Metals Trading: Current Price for Recycling Ruthenium Per Gram

The name “ruthenium” originates from Russia and was discovered in 1844. It is a rare metal with remarkably stable properties, resistant to corrosion, making it an ideal material for manufacturing high-performance catalysts. In the industry, ruthenium catalysts are extensively used, ranging from enhancing automobile exhaust purification to the production of fine chemicals in the chemical industry, with ruthenium’s presence being ubiquitous.

Precious Metal Recycling
Speaking of recycling prices, the current market rate indicates that the recycling price of ruthenium is about $9 per gram. However, one might wonder why the price of ruthenium fluctuates. This is related to several factors, with the market supply and demand being the dominant ones. Although ruthenium is rare, if the market demand increases, leading to a supply shortage, the price will naturally rise.

Besides demand, the recycling price will also be higher for ruthenium waste with higher ruthenium content. Conversely, the lower the ruthenium content in the waste, the lower the recycling price will be. This is because the amount of content determines the recycling costs. Incorporating the aspect of precious metals trading, the fluctuation in ruthenium prices reflects the dynamic nature of the market in precious metals trading.